The Initiator

When Dimitri started investing in the stock market at the age of 14, it seemed he would have a brilliant career in finance. At 23, he was already working in private equity and later at the European Central Bank. However, his volunteering experience in the cultural field inspired him to realise that finance can be used to create sustainable models and address social issues, and he decided to explore this path, combining it with his passion for traveling & food.

During this quest, he worked on innovative gastronomy & sustainable/alternative tourism projects with a consulting company (Italy) and contributed to multi-sensory cultural events (Greece, Austria, Germany). He also pursued a Master of Philosophy in Finance (University of Cambridge), although his accent suggests nothing of this!

Inspired by the power of food in carrying stories and bringing people together, Dimitri committed himself to deploy his experience towards redefining culinary tourism practices aiming to both memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences and social impact.

Mia is international architect, curator and creative director with several years professional experience working with developers and private clients throughout the UK, Austria, Greece and UAE.​

Her portfolio includes the design and management of a wide range of projects in multiple disciplines and locations. With the core of her spectrum gravitating around the field of architecture and the cultural management, she has always maintained an interest in crossing the boundaries between disciplines.

This is reflected into the fields of exhibition and product design, art installations, academic projects and cultural events as well as in the variety of design projects ranging from private houses to commercial and retail spaces.​

Founder of CURARCHITECT: www.miapapa.com

The Curarchitect
The Mixologist

Stavros started working as assistant waiter, when he was 18 in order to be able to pay the fees for his music school. The more he was getting in contact with the raw materials and people, the more he was getting fascinated by the way he could transform the former into memorable experiences.

Thus, he invested into relevant seminars and trips and soon he was working at Baba Au Rum, one of the top bars in the world. In the meanwhile, he received recognition through contests (with first the Skinos Masticha one) and he got world-class classifications (WSPC). After, passing by Spoiled Bar, he became one of the main bartenders of The Clumsies, the 7th best bar in the world, retaining the same sparkle for knowledge, advancement and top-notch services as when he was starting.

Lastly, he is wild prickly pear producer at his birthplace; historical Mani and holds a diploma on “Gastronomy Tourism” from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Maria was born in Piraeus, studied graphic arts when Photoshop was still new born along with painting, and illustration at various artists. Still not satisfied of all these but looking for her personal inclination continued searching and working on book illustrations, byzantine iconography and mixed technique artworks.

On the parallel she was and still is working in Bank of Greece passing through, Public relations, Museum and finally nowadays the Historical Archives. On 1993 she discovered Greek calligraphy. Actually she found out that what she missed most on an artwork was words.


Being a bookworm, words written in different scriptures were essential to the image and an important factor of its actual transformation. So she studied paleography and begun to explore the wonderful and unknown world of Greek calligraphy. Moreover she works on using them on artworks exhibiting them or taking part with them in exhibitions in Greece and around the world.

Truly believing that calligraphy can be used in many applications and help in promoting and redefining the image of Greek stories and products is participating in projects that targeting to the  interweaving of senses, arts and knowledge.

The Calligrapher